Yogistar Bio Yoga Mat CleanerFresh Orange B078MYL197

Yogistar Bio Yoga Mat CleanerFresh Orange B078MYL197
Yogistar Bio Yoga Mat CleanerFresh Orange B078MYL197
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Hygienic and with the active power of nature: the organic certified
Cleaner, Specially developed for the yoga mat, which helps your
Non-slip mat to new spray and cleanliness. Sweat and
Neutralises unpleasant smells will be easy and
Wear and tear reliably removed. With the help of rape, essential
Oils and other natural care ingredients this ensuring effective
Cleaner to make sure that you have fun on your yoga mat over and over again
The active ingredients of the wonderfully fresh scent sprays are to 95%
Made from organic cotton, as well as the remaining 5% are purely natural. The
Non-slip Yoga Mat is not affected, but leaves the
Spray No sticky residue left behind, and easy to dry.
Directions for use:
Holding the bottle Short upside down.
Turning the spray head of?Stop? On the symbol for spraying.
Spray now means that Spray, an amazing invention that literally finds, will make a short period of time and then wipe up with a dry cloth.
Soziales engagement: Wipe clean with this item, creating
Or for those with a retains workplaces social impairment
Beigetragen, as the bottles in the frame of social project adhesive
If you wish.
Packaging: The bottle (no clasp) is free from petroleum.
Please note:
Please make sure do not allow children to play with. Eye Contact
Avoid if you do not do this, immediately rinse thoroughly with water and as soon as possible
To An eye doctor's. Well immediately if swallowed a
Consult your doctor and the product label Vorlegen.
With natural rubber yoga mat please test on a inconspicuous area.
> 5% bio ethanol Anionische surfactant * *, Aqua * * *, Decyl Glucoside * *, Xylose * *, Organic Surfactant * *, Organic Blutorangenöl *, Bergamotteöl *, lemon oil *,

Yogistar Bio Yoga Mat CleanerFresh Orange B078MYL197

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