Best scenic drives in Britain for your vintage bike

If you are passionate about driving and you and your vintage motorcycle are inseparable, you probably travel all over the country on your bike. Whether you received your old bike as a gift or you purchased it for your own pleasure, you must explore Britain and its gorgeous landscapes by motorcycle. Depart from London and discover the amazing gems hidden all across the roads of Britain!.

Driving for pleasure

Head to Peak District, Derbyshire and your eyes will be charmed by the views of Snake Pass. Twisting tarmac and snug corners will arise on your way from Sheffield to Manchester, so make sure you will not miss it while you will still be here on your vintage motorcycle. Drive your bike on A686 from Penrith to Haydon Bridge and you will see your country from a completely different perspective. You will get to love even more driving your bike and you will want this trip to last forever. You will cross the Pennines and the breathtaking scenery will demand for a break when your camera and photography skills will play the most important roles.

Drive to Wales if you are in the mood for a tricky drive. Jump on your bike and wander around Abergwesyn Pass, this route that will make you push your limits. You will explore this route in only 40 minutes, but each moment will be magical. Hit the gas, be prepared to push on the brakes and savour each moment in this spectacular road trip.

Your vintage bike will not disappoint you if you travel in Cornwall and its surroundings. Begin in Penzance, stop for several minutes at Penzance Cross, head to St. Michael’s Mount and stop for a coffee in Helston. Admire the idyllic views of England, delight your eyes with the best landscapes and hit the road towards other attractions in The Lizard Peninsula and other gorgeous English places!