HemingWeigh Set Of 2 Durable Yoga Blocks B00M8HP0EY

HemingWeigh Set Of 2 Durable Yoga Blocks B00M8HP0EY
HemingWeigh Set Of 2 Durable Yoga Blocks B00M8HP0EY HemingWeigh Set Of 2 Durable Yoga Blocks B00M8HP0EY
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  • HemingWeigh Yoga Blocks provide Great Support and Enhance Stability at your workout
  • Non slip and durable for maximum stability and safety, Soft and scratch proof exterior so its good on any surface
  • Helps achieve better form and alignment, by acting as a prop to complete something that otherwise cannot be done for lack of flexibility.
  • Large enough to sit comfortably on - Great for meditation, helps have better alignment and increased strength
  • Allows you to strech and maximize your Yoga Poses by giving you the extra height when the pose calls for reaching the floor.

Reward yourself and your body with the HemingWeigh Yoga Blocks, and see why this is the most popular Yoga Blocks found in yoga studios, fitness clubs, schools, and at home!

*We at HemingWeigh take pride in supplying the most high quality yoga blocks that provide the most reliable non slip support for your yoga and Exercise workouts.

This high quality yoga block will last longer than most standard yoga blocks out there.

Our new Yoga blocks measures at 9" x 6" x 4", and is one of the best quality yoga blocks on the market.

HemingWeigh Yoga Blocks -for Great Support - and Enhance Stability - Lightweight

Using HemingWeigh Yoga Blocks is a great way to enhance your yoga and or other exercise sessions. Each block is non slip and provides exceptional stability to assist you with proper alignment as well as to aid in your flexibility for greater balance and support during your exercise regiment. It works wonders to help you with optimal possibilities and deeper poses while providing you with more confidence during your workouts. And its great for stretches, balance and at providing height stability for various yoga poses. Plus it's large enough to sit on comfortably during meditation practice as well.

Our HemingWeigh Yoga Blocks have a non stick surface and made of durable foam so it will handle wear and tear and last a long time. And it's so lightweight that you can take it anywhere. Plus our Yoga Blocks are soft to provide you with maximum comfort and safety. Enhances your Yoga Experience by allowing Deeper poses, and better stretches. So for the ultimate in yoga and fitness options look no further than HemingWeigh Yoga Blocks.

Spot clean with mild detergent and air dry

HemingWeigh Set Of 2 Durable Yoga Blocks B00M8HP0EY

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