Gift ideas you will love

Motorcycle lovers would need sprockets, chains, cooling fins and other technical products that will enhance the power or improve their motorcycle. But if you really know your friend, you certainly know his tastes, too. You know if they appreciate a good movie, so you can purchase a great movie- or a player where they can watch their favourite films. However, their passion for motorcycles should give you a hint on what presents they would really love to receive. If they are passionate about both motorcycles and photography, you should get them a coffee table book with a collection of photographs. Lee Klancher’s “Motorcycle Dream Garages” will allow your friend to take a peek at the famous bikes of Roger Goldammer, Jay Leno and numerous other celebrities that, of course, possess stunning motorcycles. Fans of Ducati know that there are numerous movies and DVDs displaying pieces manufactured by this brand, but nothing compares to “Ducati – The Story”, which is the first DVD sponsored by the manufacturer itself. Tell your friend to quit staying and watch this great film, for it contains photos, interviews and rare footage dating back to 1926, when this company was born and miracles started to appear. Any biker should have a hydration backpack, especially when he enjoys long trips. But frequently taking breaks to stay hydrated can be annoying and they will rip off their pleasure of riding their bike. With this backpack that costs less than £100 your friend will travel miles without having to stop for a drink. Another great gift you can make your friend is a tire repair kit that costs about £50. Accidents can happen at any time, but it is important to be ready and fix the problem as soon as it arises. How about a GoPro Video camera? Your friend will love to drive around his hometown with the video camera on, to surprise his friends on other motorcycles and pass by idyllic landscapes that will be captured on the camera. A decent device will cost you about £100, so it is not quite a fortune – but it will be the best gift for your dear friend.

A Triumph key chain, a bike calendar or even an ultraflate tire inflator are some affordable gift ideas that will ensure your friend that you thought about them on this special day. It does not matter how much you spend, as long as you prove to your friend that he is important for you and you want him to have an incredible day. Celebrate together your friend’s birthday and make sure you will surprise him with a great gift that any biker will appreciate!