The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller B00QH96JQC

The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller B00QH96JQC
The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller B00QH96JQC The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller B00QH96JQC The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller B00QH96JQC
Product Code: B00QH96JQC
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  • ***50% OFF All Natural Weight Loss Pill Today With Bands Purchase! See Promotions Below And Click Add Both To Cart! Enter The Code At Check Out*** BUY 2 MASSAGE STICK 's and Get FREE SHIPPING....Buy With Confidence, Buy Our Muscle Build Aid That Is Essential In Tension Relieving, Cramp Soothing, DOMS Busting, Top Of The Line Massage Stick From Fitness Answered Training Products! Get F.A.T. to lose Fat!
  • This Muscle Roller Is Perfect For The Beginner Mom Looking To Shed The Baby Weight, To The Advanced Powerlifter Or Body Builder. From the Growing Pains Like Shin Splints As Teens, To The Adult Pains Such Like Bad Backs, Plantar Fasciitis, Restless Leg Syndrome, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow, ETC. This Product Is Vast In Uses And Guaranteed To Please.
  • Perfect Stick Roller For Teens In Sports Such As Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Etc! Make Sure Your Kids Or Team Is Ready For Competition By Helping Limit Injury Due To Overly Tight Muscles And Keep Them Performing At Peak Levels By Being Loose.
  • 18 Inch Total Length, With 9 Inch of Rolling Area, The Massage Roller Stick Will Provide Perfect Tension And Quiet Operation! Don't fumble With Rolling Around On The Ground With Foam Rollers or Fight Flexing Rollers With Foam Or Plastic That Will Fatigue And Come Apart Over Time! Our Product Is the Perfect Size For Allowing You To Apply Perfect Tension To The Precise Target Area!
  • ORDER NOW, Get Your Muscle Roller Stick! Better Than A Cheap Foam Roller That Will Tear And Wear Out. Success begins today and is protected by our Lifetime Guarantee!



Best Rollers For The Results You Need

Why are there so many identical rollers on ?

Those guys all buy from the same factories in CHINA

Stop Rewarding the KNOCK-OFFS

You see a lot of sellers try to copy our Original Beginner Roller Design

No one has our EXCLUSIVE designs listed below

Exclusive Designs from F.A.T. Products

Elite Series Best for experienced rollers, used on extremity muscles(biceps, triceps, forearms, quads, hamms, and glutes)

Comes in Hard or Soft Rubber, based on preference

Advanced Series Best for experienced rollers, used on muscles around the spine(neck and back), due to larger spacing between rollers

No one has more designs and options in Massage Rolling than Fitness Answered

24 Options Available

4 Unique Designs

6 Colors Each (Red, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, and Purple.)

Stop Stretching, Start Rolling PreWorkout or Post-

As a Personal Trainer I have seen a lot of pulled muscles and some serious long term injuries

Stretching elongates the muscle, weakening it and making it prone to injury

Rolling forces fresh, warm, nutrient rich blood into your muscles, instead stretching/weakening

This increased nutrient rich blood flow will help aid in relief from most common pains!

Great for those seeking everyday relief from leg, back, or tendon pain

Better Than A Bulky Foam Roller

Stop wiggling around on a filthy gym floor, start Muscle Roller comfortably

Easily massage your commonly sore areas(legs, glutes, lower back and neck), from a comfortable position

F.A.T. Products Has Your Back

The Muscle Stick Original Massage Roller B00QH96JQC

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