Pure nostalgia, in the Classic Bike Gifts web site you will find - Ariel, AJS, BSA, Coventry Eagle, Douglas, Excelsior, Greeves, Hesketh, Matchless, Norton, Panther, Royal Enfield, Rudge, Scott, Sunbeam, Triumph, Velocette and Vincent.

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Best gifts for a biker

If your best friend’s birthday is near and you do not know what gift you should make him, this guide will help you determine the best present for him. In case your friend is a biker, choosing the perfect gift for him might be even trickier. Does your friend need something for his motorcycle? Or do you want to give him something that you think he might enjoy?

Should you buy a classic bike?

The experts have declared loud and clear: classic motorcycles are a good investment. If it’s in perfect condition, you can hop on your bike, meet an adventurous escort, and travel to new places in her delightful company! But we must admit that the real cost of ownership isn’t quite affordable. You ought to consider several things before deciding that you should buy a classic bike.

Pros and cons of classic bikes

Nowadays, more and more folks are attracted to the idea of getting a vintage motorcycle. More than 30% of all bikes in the United Kingdom are considered classic. The industry is increasingly popular, and more buyers get vintage models each day. It seems that they want to ride machines that could give them precious moments. When you enjoy taking long road trips, your favorite escort from Eros will gladly provide you her companionship. But if the motorcycle is older than 30 years, you must expect for problems. And if they occur far from civilization, it will be difficult to return home.

Some restores vehicles look better than they are. They might be shiny, but the parts could be rusty. That’s why you should always buy a vintage motorcycle only when you are with a pro. Your sweet escort Berlin will love to come with you, but she lacks the expertise to tell you whether it’s a good or bad bike. And you will need to buy many parts to make sure that the two-wheeled vehicle will reach to its perfect state.

You feel the wind on your face, and you inhale freedom with every mile you go. But this simplicity comes at a price: a classic bike costs from $2,000 to $10,000 or more. The insurance, maintenance, equipment, and gear will force you to pay some more. The tires are pricey, and you will need more than just a helmet to stay safe. Consider paying several thousand on gloves, boots, protective pants, and a motor jacket. Plus, if you frequentlye travel with a beautiful escort, you must protect her with adequate equipment, too.

When should you buy it?

Start with the riding courses and see if you enjoy it. Invite one or two escorts when you feel the need to be supported! You will take several hours of riding instructions, but remember that it’s imperative to be informed. You will also learn about the parts of your classic bike, so repairing it will not take a lot of time. However, you should not fix it by yourself! Always talk with the pros – or join a motorcycle club. The fellows will then help you to bring your two-wheeled vehicle in perfect condition so that you could go on new adventures with the gorgeous escort that you met several days ago.

You should buy a classic bike that was built around 1960-1970. They are similar to the modern motorcycles; thus, it will be easier to find the missing parts. Completely rebuild the motor before actually riding it with your tempting escorts! Take a bike that enables easy customization, and take pleasure in building the vintage motorcycle of your dreams!